D.Gray-man - Timcanpy Free Papercraft Download

D.Gray-man - Timcanpy Free Papercraft Download


D.Gray-man - Timcanpy Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Timcanpy, a golem who is currently owned by Allen Walker, from the anime / manga series , the papercraft was created by Acky.Otk. Timcanpy has had at least two other masters, those two being Nea Walker and Cross Marian. Timcanpy has also been shown to follow Lenalee when Allen is missing and fighting Akuma.

Typically, Timcanpy is a very simple, almost childish creature. His curiosity frequently gets him into troublesome situations, he is empathic enough to be able to tell when those around him are upset and often tries to comfort them, and, as it is shown through his ongoing rivalry with Yu Kanda's golem, and on occurrences when Timcanpy has almost "admonished" Allen that Timcanpy can become angry.

Most commonly, though, Timcanpy displays a steadfast loyalty to Allen and Cross, once almost refusing to leave Allen's side in order to avoid leaving Allen alone with the dangerous Noah Tyki Mikk, and, on another occasion, returning to the room Cross was killed in several times to cuddle with the bloodstains that were left behind.

Timcanpy is a small, golden ball-like creature with four, stubby legs, the front two of which he can form little "fingers" with, a long tail that ends in a thick swirl, and two feathered wings. A cross fleury adorns his "face", and above it are two small horns. Unlike most other golems, which are mechanical, Timcanpy seems to be a biological being, though what his body is made up of is unclear as he has been seen being reduced to fragments with no discernible organs. He does, though, have a mouth, teeth and tongue, and he has recently learned to eat.

Timcanpy's size is subject to change; he started off being about the size of a ping pong ball, but gradually grew bigger as time passed. At the North American Branch, his size ballooned dramatically, making him easily larger than a person, though Allen later found out that Timcanpy, when asked, could shrink back down to a manageable size at will.

Timcanpy has the ability to produce holographic projections from his mouth, and he uses this to display the musical "Score" that powers Noah's Ark. Once, Timcanpy grew hair, though it was only thanks to one of the many unusual tonics produced by the European Branch Science Division. [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft model template here: D.Gray-man - Timcanpy Free Papercraft Download