D.Gray-man Papercraft - Yu Kanda

D.Gray-man Papercraft - Yu Kanda


Yu Kanda PapercraftIts form is kinda similar to the Takoyaki papercraft doll a few posts back, but this one is from a different designer and is about D.Gray-man's Yu Kanda.

D.Gray-man is about a young man (Allen Wlaker) with a cursed eye, lives to destroy a weapon known as Akuma. These weapons created by the Milleneum Earl are sent out by his command to purge the world from humans. Allen Walker uses an anti-akuma weapon, Innocence, to counter the Earl's attempts at destroying humanity. He travels to the Black Order by his mentor's directions. There he meets with others who also fight against the Milleneum Earl's plans. But more questions start to appear as Allen and his friends move further along to reach their goal. And these questions that seem to connect to Allen's past. - AnimeNewsNetwork

Yu Kanda is a protagonist in the series and one of the colder, antisocial characters. He's an exorcist that uses an anti-akuma weapon known as Mugen (sword). As you might have noticed, this papercraft doesn't have any hand or arms, so no paper Mugen as well. Designed by Acky.

D.Gray-man - Yu Kanda Papercraft

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