Cute Papercraft Toys - Kamimodel

Cute Papercraft Toys - Kamimodel


From paper engineer Tetsuya Watabe's Kamimodel web site, we bring you his version of designer papercraft called ROMMY Sloth Paper Toys. There are currently four models on the site, but only 3 are available for free download. The first one is called "No. 02", then we have "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss", and finally "Manager XX".

What is a designer papercraft anyway?

If you don't know what a designer papercraft is, it's a description I call the simple and easy papercrafts that have a single pattern but is made to look like individually unique paper models by using various colors or textures to "re-color" or "re-paint" it, some patterns are even modified slightly. I've been seeing a surge in these kinds of paper models lately, and a majority of them coming from the graphic design and illustrator communities. There's an ongoing debate about the designer papercrafts real place within the papercraft community. Some like them and some don't. A lot of old-school papercrafters I know don't really like the idea of re-coloring the same pattern over-and-over, but I have a different take on it. I see these designer papercrafts as a good promotional tool to get new people to take up our craft and for beginners to easily developed their assembling techniques. Old-school papercrafters with their highly detailed paper models should not be worried about this at all, because eventually, the beginners that pick up this easy papercrafts would want to move on to something a bit more challenging.

Rommy Sloth Papercraft Toys [kamimodel]

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