Cultrual Papercraft - Kuda Lumping Dance

Cultrual Papercraft - Kuda Lumping Dance


Kuda Lumping PapercraftIt's really nice to learn new stuff about other cultures, here's the Kuda Lumping Dance from Indonesia - transformed into papercraft by Sal Azad.

The dance culture of Java is characterized by a wonderful variety of themes, including a number of trance performances. In the Kuda Lumping dance, the characters wear spirit masks and ride about on woven bamboo horses. The performance relates the battle between good and evil, as the dancers enter a trance where they behave like horses. S. Basuki depicts one such dancer in black and white. Kuda lumping translates literally as "flat horses." -

And here's a good video of what goes into a Kuda Lumping, actual dance starts at 3:21 into the vid.

Indonesian Culture - Kuda Lumping Dance Papercraft

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