CSS Lehigh Free Ship Paper Model Download

CSS Lehigh Free Ship Paper Model Download


CSS Lehigh Free Ship Paper Model DownloadThis paper ship model is the CSS Lehigh, this paper ship is designed by Magnus Mörck. The scale of this ship papercraft is 1:250. The acclaimed performance of the Monitor called for more ships, resulting in John Ericsson´s Passaic in late 1862. It was a working concept, on the weak side to confront shoreline batteries, but never defeated in naval battle. Only mines and stormy wheather could bring them down. The first Monitor lacked sweeping lines, but these later vessels had a more adequate design. Commissioned in april 1864, the monitor Lehigh was 200 by 46 ft, with a speed of 7 knots. The steam tug Clyde, a typical vessel of the Civil War, was busy pulling barges of supplies, but also appeared in action to help the gunboats that had been hit and to pick up sailors out of the water. Some of them were armed with spar torpedos, making them fighting tugs. The propeller tug was a more modern concept than the side wheelers, still popular.

Build this paper model of the ironclad Lehigh on Stono River in North Carolina, 1864, with a torpedo net, a common precaution of the time. The Passaic-class of monitors included the Lehigh and was the most numerous type to appear during the Civil War, nine ships seeing service. Improved over the first Monitor, it was larger and the turret rotated faster. With the navigation house on top of the gun turret communication became more effective. An innovation was a periscope reaching into the air to direct the artillery.[via author]

You can download this ship papercraft from here: CSS Lehigh Free Ship Paper Model Download