Copernican System Paper Automata

Copernican System Paper Automata


Hello everybody, my name is Sam, I'm the not-so-new member of - I work as an illustrator mainly for children's books and I'm based in the New York city. I've been a follower of this blog since it's inception and have been posting comments on the sideline, I officially joined last February but I was in the process of moving to New York from Aachen, Germany, where I used to work. I have to admit that at first, papercraft wasn't really my thing, I was more into automata, and through this site, I have grown to loved papercraft and paper automata ever since. As you've noticed, the other members of the team are mostly working on papercraft models and origami, I will be posting only on paper automatas and some papercraft related news. Finally, I would like to thank Ron for giving me this opportunity and for the advices he shared with me with regards to posting (colored folders for backgrounds, photo size/watermarks, lighting, info. on the model, etc...) and hopefully earn the readers acceptance.

To kick things off, here is a paper automata from Canon (Japan), created by renowned paper engineer, Keisuke Saka - it is based on the Copernican System, also known as heliocentrism. Copernican, being from Nicolaus Copernicus (1473 - 1543), a Polish astronomer and mathematician who theorized that the Sun was the center of the universe/solar system. This model is 7" on it's widest part and about 6" tall, comes in PDF format.

Canon Copernican System Paper Automata [via Mediafire]