Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars - GDI Firehawk free papercraft download


Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars - GDI Firehawk free papercraft

The Firehawk VTOL fighter attack jet is a GDI weapon system combining AI programming and human piloting skills that appears in Tiberium Wars.

This is a paper model, it is designed by Yanir.

The jet possesses a dynamically unstable airframe with downward-canted forward-swept wings with downward-canted canards requiring an AI controller to stay in flight while the pilot issues commands. However, it is capable of quickly altering the course and speed of the craft, making it an excellent air superiority fighter. The embedded AI functions as a highly sophisticated targeting system, threat assessment and tracking module as well as weapon control and navigation. The AI also controls the airframe stability during combat. the jet can also act on aircraft carriers where the catapult will launch the FireHawk at higher speeds giving it a better chance to engage air to air targets. Firehawks have a crew of two: pilot and weapons officer.

Firehawk attack jets have variable weaponry, and commanders can choose between two highly destructive Hellcat firebombs or four Rattlesnake missiles, allowing it to act both an anti-air unit or an anti-ground unit. The Hellcat bombs do massive damage to structures, but are not very effective against vehicles (Compare this to the Vertigo, which can kill a Mammoth 27 with only 4 bombs). A single bomb will also kill any infantry, provided it hits them (since the bombs themselves are unguided). The Rattlesnake missile is highly effective against other air units and only air units. 2 of them are enough to bring down a Venom. However, commanders must be careful, since the blast from the missile will also damage the Firehawk if it happens to fly through it. Firehawk can be assigned to patrol duty (althought with no specific command buttton) in a similar fashion that fighter planes from Command and conquer Generals did. Firehawks, due to their weapon, need to return to their base to rearm (and to choose their weapon). You can download this papercraft from here:Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars - GDI Firehawk free papercraft download