Coat of Arms Pop-up Paper Arts

Coat of Arms Pop-up Paper Arts


Coat of Arms Pop-up Paper ArtsHere are 29 different Coat of Arms paper arts, they are designed by Ingrid Siliakus. You can make Pop-up greeting cards using these Coat of Arms.

To make these greeting cards you need:
1, One sheet of thick paper, to print the pattern.
2, One sheet of sturdy card (cardboard) for the backing sheet.

Below is the instruction:
1.- Print the pattern.
2.- Score along the folding lines.
3.- Cut along the cutting lines with a cutting knife.
4.- Fold and crease.
Use actual side of the pattern as the back of the card. The pattern pops up on the reverse side. Mountain-fold and Valley-fold lines will be reversed in the diagram so they cannot be seen on front.
5.- Glue the greeting-card symmetrically to the backing sheet.[via marivi's heraldry]

Coat of Arms Pop-upYou can get these awesome Coat of Arms paper arts here: Coat of Arms Pop-up Paper Arts