Clink and Klank robot papercraft free download


Clink and Klank robot papercraft free downloadThese paper toys are designed by agpapertoys. Clink and Klank are steam powered robots built by professor Endercliff. As one of prof Endercliff’s earlier inventions Clink and Klank have limited movement and sluggish reactions but they were invented to show Endercliff’s new simulated friendship circuit. Because of this Clink and Klank share a special bond, never leaving each other for a moment. Just before professor Endercliff’s untimely death Clink and Klank left his workshop to pursue a life of there own, every month a new postcard arrives at Endlercliff’s old workshop showing there travels, even if there is no longer anyone there to pick them up.[via agpapertoys] You can download these paper toys from here: Clink and Klank robot papercraft free download