Classic Car Papercraft - 1936 Ford Convertible Cabriolet

Classic Car Papercraft - 1936 Ford Convertible Cabriolet


1936 Ford Convertible Cabriolet A sleek looking pre-war car from the Ford Motors.Ford Motors.

As the name implies, it is a convertible model of a roofless car when the top is folded down and a coupe when the top is put up. It accommodates the driver and 2 passengers in the front seat and 3 in the rear seat (storage type: rumble seat). When the top is folded down, it is neatly stored inside the body. This style is attractive and this model is said to be the best among all other Ford models. This model was the first to adapt the steel disc wheels to replace the conventional spoke wheel

1936 Ford Convertible Cabriolet

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