Classic BattleTech - Targe Free Mech Paper Model Download

Classic BattleTech - Targe Free Mech Paper Model Download


Classic BattleTech - Targe Free Mech Paper Model DownloadThis mech paper model is Targe, from the Classic BattleTech, the papercraft is created by Yogsolthan. The size of finished model is about 172 (H) x 89 (W) x 118 (D) mm. There are 1:60 and 1:120 two scale versions available.

Named after the shield that was the primary means of defense for the Scottish Highlanders of Terra, the Targe is a lackluster recon and cavalry design born of compromise.

While having a long history of building solid, if unspectacular, designs such as the Crab and Black Watch, upon Northwind's entry into the Republic of the Sphere, Cosara Weaponries looked towards developing a new 'Mech for the new-born Republic's military to shake off this reputation and add to its profit margin. Researching what the equipment the fledgling RAF had access to, what it would need as it expanded and what Cosara could realistically produce, the end result was strict guidelines for a medium 'Mech capable of exceeding 160 kph for short periods, whose primary weapon was a missile system supported by lasers. Unwilling to compromise on these requirements, the end result was itself compromised, with purchases from the famed Northwind Highlanders far exceeding limited sales to the hesitant RAF. Cosara would continue to tinker to try and enhance the maligned design, producing a few hundred before its assembly lines were assigned to civilian production during the Republic era.

Unwilling to utilize an expensive and fragile XL Engine, Cosara hedged their bets with a slightly heaver Pitban 320 rated Light Fusion Engine, capable of reaching 172 kph in short bursts when the MASC is engaged, but taking up taking up nearly half the 'Mech's weight. The use of Heavy Ferro-Fibrous armor maximized the five tons available for armor coverage, while ten Double Heat Sinks could easily cope with the design's heat output. [Source: sarna]

You can download the papercraft model here: Classic BattleTech - Targe Free Mech Paper Model Download