Classic BattleTech - Naga Free OmniMech Paper Model Download

Classic BattleTech - Naga Free OmniMech Paper Model Download


Classic BattleTech - Naga Free OmniMech Paper Model DownloadThis mech paper model is Naga, a fire-support successor to the first-generation Woodsman OmniMech, from the game Classic BattleTech, the papercraft is created by Yogsolthan, skins by Sturm. The size of finished model is about 103 (H) x 87 (W) x 47 (D) mm.

Most of what could be pod space for the design is actually taken up by a pair of fixed Arrow IV Artillery Systems. These weapon systems required a lateral extension of the Woodsman's torsos, giving the Naga a unique appearance. The Naga is also odd in that, despite being a dedicated artillery OmniMech, it is quite quick and poorly armored, perhaps as additional deterrents to pilots who might want to utilize this OmniMech in close quarters. Such combat is left to the Naga's two sister designs, the Timber Wolf and the Gargoyle.

Following the success of the design at the Battle of Tukayyid, the Naga has spread from Clan Wolf to a handful of other Clans, interested in capitalizing on its utility. This fast assault 'Mechmounts a meager nine tons of armor, but tactical doctrine keeps it far from the front lines. The Naga is often derided because it rarely allows for the glory that comes from an individual kill.

By end of 3085, the Naga would ceased being produced in Clan Space. Not a popular design among remaining Clan Space based Clans, its production facilities would repurposed to produced the Septicemia OmniMech. Clan Goliath Scorpion would flee Clan space, taking the last Naga with them. [Source: sarna]

You can download the papercraft model here: Classic BattleTech - Naga Free OmniMech Paper Model Download [Skins]