Classic BattleTech - Goliath Free Paper Model Download


Classic BattleTech - Goliath Free Mech Paper Model DownloadThis mech paper model is Goliath, the second 'Mech built by Brigadier Corporation from the game Classic BattleTech, the papercraft is created by Yogsolthan. The size of finished model is about 184 (H) x 103 (W) x 198 (D) mm.

The Goliath is based on lessons that were learned from the Scorpion. The first and most important difference is that the Goliath weighs in at 80 tons allowing it to carry a much heavier weapons payload and armor at the cost of mobility. The Goliath is used as a general assault 'Mech and until recently was not usually seen in large numbers because of the bias against quad 'Mechs prior to the 3060s. In the late 3060s the Goliath saw renewed production and renewed popularity and has since become a powerful and respected assault 'Mech. [Source: sarna]

You can download the papercraft model here: Classic BattleTech - Goliath Free Paper Model Download