Clannad - Kyou Fujibayashi Free Doll Papercraft Download

Clannad - Kyou Fujibayashi Free Doll Papercraft Download


Clannad - Kyou Fujibayashi Free Doll Papercraft DownloadThis paper doll is the Kyou Fujibayashi, based on the same character from the game / anime "Clannad". This papercraft is from btt-modeler's blog. Kyou Fujibayashi is a bad-mouthed and aggressive girl who is also a surprisingly good cook. The older of the Fujibayashi twins, her younger sister is Ryou. Kyou and Ryou can be distinguished through their eye color; Kyou has purple eyes while her sister's are blue. Kyou also has longer hair than her sister and Kyou's hairpiece is on the left, while Ryou wears it to the right. She was Tomoya's class representative in their second year, and has maintained a steady friendship with Tomoya even though they are put in different classes on their third year. She is the class representative of class 3-D in Clannad. She has a pet baby boar named Botan. She owns a scooter, which is known only to Tomoya, Nagisa, and her sister. She throws various types of dictionaries towards anyone she gets furious with, especially Yōhei Sunohara. Her strength is great, with Tomoya once comparing it to Tomoyo's kicks. Her dictionaries are thrown with enough force to crack concrete in the anime. Kyou's theme is That's Like the Wind.

Kyou is very protective of her younger sister, Ryou, throughout the entire series, and we first see her when she shoots a dictionary at Tomoya thinking that he is bullying Ryou. She knows of her little sister's crush on Tomoya since junior year, so she tries her best to get them together and seperate Tomoya from any sort of romantic interest, even though she is their friend and means them no harm. She helps Kotomi during her arc and supports her and Nagisa. However, while working so that Ryou and Tomoya become a couple, Kyou falls in love with Tomoya. This is proven in season one when Kyou sees Tomoya and Nagisa together. After Nagisa had been hit by a foul tennis ball, Tomoya helped her to the nurse's office. She looked at Ryou and tried to tell her that she was sorry and that she couldn't get Tomoya to fall in love with her, but Ryou stopped her and said, "Onee-chan...I'm so sorry..." Kyou then looked at her in shock and said, "Wh-What are you t-ta--" Kyou then stopped as she noticed tears welling up in her eyes. She tried to hold back the tears but she just started sobbing. The two sisters hugged and cried as they finally came to grips with reality that Tomoya is already in love with Nagisa.

Kyou becomes a member of the Drama Club, although she only signs up so the minimum number of members will be reached. She is athletic and doesn't get on too well with Tomoyo, whom she sees as a great threat. Kyou also notices that she is strangely popular amongst underclassmen.

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