Church in Petzow free Building Paper Model download


Church in Petzow free Building Paper ModelThis building paper model is the church in petzow. Petzow has been a suburb of Werder since 1929. This name was first mentioned in a 1419 document. The suburb has a church, a palace, a manor and a park, all of which worth a visit. Petzow is situated on a land bridge between two lakes: Glindower See and Schwielowsee. The architectural style of the palace is a mixture of English Tudor and Italian Castel. In 1825, the mansion was restored the Prussian royal court's architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The Park of Petzow was designed by the garden architect Peter Joseph Lenné.
Petzow was the southernmost settlement included Lenné's plan in 1833 to improve the landscape of the Potsdam area. The harmonious architecture and aesthetics impart the building and its environment a special charm. Petzow's Church was built in 1842. Friedrich Wilhelm the 4th King of Prussia inaugurated it formally. The church tower has been since open to visitors who wish to admire the panoramic view of the village and the nearby Havel lakes. The magnificent landscape has become a world known through the paintings of (1814) of Carl Friedrich August Kaehne. You can download this church papercraft from here: Church in Petzow free Building Paper Model download Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4