Christmas Papercraft - Boots

Christmas Papercraft - Boots


Tokyu Hands Inc. (東急ハンズ) is well known Japanese department store that focuses on hobbies, lifestyle products, and home improvement. Store items range from toys, games, luggage, hobby materials, do-it-yourself kits, all the way to furniture, lighting, home appliances and many more. Looking at their logo, you'll notice that there are two hands on both sides of their brand name, that's because they first started out as a DIY craft store. The flagship store is located in Shibuya. For this Christmas holiday, they're providing a free download for a papercraft Christmas boots, you can use it for decorations or as a gift box for putting small items. To download the pattern, click on their "red" Christmas banner, it will open up a new page running Flash content and you'll be able to download it for free on pages 18-19 (check photo above for reference). Or you could just hit the other free download link below (mediafire).

Christmas Boots - [Download Page] [Direct Download]