Chinese Type 052C Destroyer - Haikou (171) Free Ship Paper Model Download

Chinese Type 052C Destroyer - Haikou (171) Free Ship Paper Model Download


Chinese Type 052C Destroyer - Haikou (171) Free Ship Paper Model DownloadThis ship paper model is the Haikou (171), the second Chinese Type 052C Destroyer, the papercraft is designed by Papertang. The scale of the paper destroyer is 1:600. Haikou (171) is a Chinese Type 052C destroyer class. The ship was laid down in 2002, launched on 30 October 2003 , and commissioned 2005. The destroyer is active with the People's Republic of China's South Sea Fleet.

The Type 052C destroyer (NATO code name Luyang II class, or Lanzhou class after the lead ship) is a class of destroyer built by the People's Republic of China. It features an Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar system with four statically-mounted antennas for 360-degree coverage. The radar is used in conjunction with vertically launched HHQ-9 long-range air defence missiles. The Type 052C was the first warship in the People's Liberation Army Navy to have true long-range fleet air defence capability.

The command and control system used by the Type 052C is unknown. Previous Chinese ships used derivatives of the French Thomson-CSF TAVITAC. The Type 052C may use an improved system to better engage anti-ship missiles, and to process data from its helicopter; the Ka-28 ASW helicopters must pass data back to its host ship for processing.

While the Chinese claim to have produced combat data systems based on the MIL-STD-1773 standard, the Type 052C likely uses current standard Chinese systems based on the MIL-STD-1553B standard. The Chinese claim these are versatile enough to be upgraded to MIL-STD-1773 later.

The Type 052C carries 48 HQ-9 naval air defence missiles in eight 6-cell 'cold launched' vertical launch systems (VLS). The Chinese VLS has a lid for each launch cell, but uses the same cold launch mechanism for each cell. This eliminates the revolver system used in Russian VLS, and one single point of failure. The Chinese claim this results in lower size, weight, and maintenance costs.

The HQ-9 is a Chinese medium- to long-range, active radar homing air defence missile with a maximum range of 200 km. The missile incorporates some technology from the Russian S-300. The naval HQ-9 appears to be identical to the land-based variant.

The destroyer also carries anti-ship missiles in two 4-cell launchers just forward of the hangar. It is not confirmed whether the missiles are YJ-85 or YJ-62. Unlike the launchers for previous Chinese anti-ship missiles, the Type 052C launchers are cylindrical rather than box-shaped. Missiles are guided by a Russian MR331 Mineral-ME (NATO codename "Band Stand") fire-control radar atop the bridge and a "Light Bulb" datalink forward of the hangar. The MR331 Mineral-ME is also used on Sovremenny class destroyers to guide 3M80 Moskit cruise missiles.

You can download the ship papercraft here: Chinese Type 052C Destroyer - Haikou (171) Free Ship Paper Model Download