Chinaman Papercraft

Chinaman Papercraft


"China, a wonderful and unique country, over the centuries brought up generations of people who eat with chopsticks, but never eat standing, who keep the secret of national tea ceremony and master most captivating matrial arts. The Chineese are a nation with great future, positive and friendly people, open for communication, ready to come to you with open arms.

At the moment of this website’s creation the population of China was 1 320 968 342 people. We created exactly the same number of paper patterns of little Chinese, which you can download, assemble and accept in your home and heart." -

Here's a new paper toy that you might like from Tim Pokrichuk, he runs the web site - so go check it out and add another one to your collections. Have Fun!

Chinaman [Download]
Tim Pokrichuk [Site]