Chibi Vampire (Karin) - Karin Maaka Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Chibi Vampire (Karin) - Karin Maaka Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Chibi Vampire (Karin) - Karin Maaka Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis  cube craft paper toy is Karin Maaka, descended from a long line of purebred vampires, based on the anime / manga series Chibi Vampire (released in Japan as Karin), this paper craft was created by alonso jacobo.

However, instead of having to drink blood like normal vampires, Karin's body overproduces blood. Eventually, she reaches a point where she can no longer hold it in, and she must bite someone to inject them with her blood or else suffer from a massive nosebleed.

Karin has purple hair with yellow eyes just like Elda. Karin is rendered unconscious for several days after trying to hold in her blood, during which time her family grows increasingly concerned that her condition would kill her.

Chibi Vampire, originally released in Japan as Karin, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yuna Kagesaki. The story is about an unusual vampire girl, who instead of drinking blood must inject it into others because she produces too much.

Karin Maaka is the middle child in a family of vampires who immigrated to Japan two centuries earlier. Unlike the rest of her family, Karin does not feed on blood, she produces it. As a result, she is forced to bite others to expel the extra blood, lest she suffer exaggerated nose-bleeds. She also exhibits no normal vampire traits, and instead lives her life just as an ordinary teenage girl would. She can go outside during the day, attends high school, and follows the sleep pattern of normal humans. However, the general peacefulness of her life is disrupted with the arrival of a new transfer student, Kenta Usui.

Any time she goes near him her blood increases. At first she tries to avoid him but they are in the same class and work in the same restaurant. Kenta begins to think that there is something fishy about Karin and eventually he learns her secret. Karin’s elder brother Ren tries to erase his memory but Anju, Karin’s younger sister, stops him from doing so. She convinces their parents Henry and Calera to make Kenta their ally, because he can help Karin during the daylight. Karin and Kenta become friends, and as they spend more time with one another, fall in love, though they are slow to admit their feelings to one another.

Yuriya Tachibana, a human-vampire hybrid, moves to the area at the request of her vampire uncle, Glark. As hybrids are sterile, Tachibana disapproves of Karin and Kenta’s relationship, feeling any children they had would be unhappy like her. Despite this, Karin likes Tachibana and considers her a friend, unaware that Tachibana is actually there to help her uncle and the Brownlick clan spy on her. After another nose bleed leaves Karin comatose for several days, Karin’s family ask Kenta to stay away from her, but the two lovers are unable to stand being apart and eventually reunite and become a couple. Shortly after they share their first kiss, Tachibana helps Glark and Bridget Brownlick kidnap Karin and take her the Brownlick estate. It is revealed that Karin is the “psyche”, a blood-giving vampire that can give life to other vampires and heal the sterility currently plaguing all vampires. To do so, however, they must drink all of Karin’s blood, killing her.

Karin’s father Henry, her brother Ren, and Kenta go to rescue Karin. Meanwhile, Tachibana is horrified to learn that not only will Karin be killed, but also raped until she has a child to produce a new psyche to replace her. She apologizes to Karin for disapproving of Kenta’s relationship and for hurting Karin, and helps her escape just as Kenta comes in with Ren. While Ren takes care of the vampire holding Karin captive, Henry battles Glark and the Brownlicks, joined belatedly by his mother Elda. Kenta, Karin, and Tachibana escape, but Tachibana leaves them to go ensure her uncle won’t be caught in the sun.

It is later revealed that Kenta and Karin’s first kiss stopped her blood producing. Karin’s family sorrowfully erases all of her memories of them, so that she can live as a normal human with Kenta, while they quietly watch over her. They had prepared to do so for over four years, and the process is successful; they could not erase Kenta’s memories however, and he is left having to keep the secret from Karin. At the end of the series, Karin and Kenta are married with a daughter named Kanon, who is the reborn Sophia- the first psyche who aided Kenta in finding Karin; Karin’s sister Anju continues to watch over her sister’s happiness. [Source: HobbyDatabase]

You can download the papercraft toy here: Chibi Vampire (Karin) - Karin Maaka Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download