Chibi Princess Tutu Free Paper Toy Download

Chibi Princess Tutu Free Paper Toy Download


Chibi Princess Tutu Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is a chibi Princess Tutu, Duck's alter ego, based on the same name Japanese The Ugly Duckling/Swan Lake-inspired magical girl ballet anime television series, the papercraft is created by Larry-San.

Unlike Duck, Tutu is a very graceful and elegant ballerina. Her mission is to find and return the missing pieces of Mytho's heart.

In The Prince and the Raven, Tutu was a minor character that confessed her love to the Prince—which, because of a curse, caused her to turn into a speck of light and vanish. Still in love with Mytho, her quest is to gather the pieces of his missing heart and return them to him. Hidden in the hearts of the residents of Gold Crown Town, Tutu can retrieve Mytho's heart shards by dancing with them and helping them to realize their true feelings. However, Tutu's curse still haunts her, so as much as she encourages others to be true to their hearts, she's unable to speak her own true feelings for Mytho aloud.

In Duck's eyes, Princess Tutu is everything she is not. She's poised, graceful, an elegant and skilled dancer, and all-around nearly perfect. Duck often struggles with comparing herself to her alter-ego, unsure if Tutu is really her, or simply the character from the story somehow working through her. Also, while restoring Mytho's heart means he can feel joy and love, it also means he can feel sadness and pain, which causes Duck to doubt if her actions are truly helping him. Because of this, she actually has quite a bit of angst throughout the show—but she pushes forward, hoping that in the end she'll be able to see Mytho smile. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft toy here: Chibi Princess Tutu Free Paper Toy Download [Instruction]