Cheltenham Science Festival Free Paper Toys Download

Cheltenham Science Festival Free Paper Toys Download


Cheltenham Science Festival Free Paper Toys DownloadThese three paper people are from the Cheltenham Science Festival, they are Kathy Sykes, Alice Roberts and Robert Winston. The papercrafts are designed by sally. The Cheltenham Science Festival is one of the UK's leading science festivals, and is part of Cheltenham Festivals: also responsible for the Jazz, Music and Literature Festivals that run every year.

Kathy Sykes is a British physicist, academic and broadcaster. She has been Professor of Sciences and Society at the University of Bristol since November 2002. She has presented various BBC2 and Open University TV series, including Rough Science, Ever Wondered about Food, Alternative Therapies. Alternative Medicine and presented for the documentary television miniseries, Brave New World with Stephen Hawking in 2011.

She helped to create and co-directs Cheltenham Science Festival and NESTA Famelab, a national UK competition which talent spots and trains new faces in science communication. She was Head of Science for Explore-At-Bristol, in charge of the team creating the content for the award-winning Hands-on Science Centre. She is a member of the Council for Science and Technology (CST), the UK government's top-level advisory body on science and technology policy issues. She has also sat on advisory panels in public engagement in science for the Royal Society, the Wellcome Trust and EPSRC. She is a trustee of NESTA and a board member of Explore-At-Bristol.

She won the 2006 Royal Society Kohn Award for Excellence in Engaging the Public with Science. She holds an honorary D.Sc. degree and honorary fellowship from the University of Gloucestershire.She attended Fitzharrys, a co-educational comprehensive school in Abingdon.

Alice Roberts is an English anatomist, osteoarchaeologist, anthropologist, paleopathologist, television presenter, and author. Best known for her TV appearances in the BBC series Coast, Dr Alice Roberts: Don't Die Young, and The Incredible Human Journey, she has also appeared as an expert osteoarchaeologist on the Channel 4 television series Time Team and its spin-off show Extreme Archaeology, as well as presenting the BBC series, Digging for Britain.

Robert Winston is an English professor, medical doctor, scientist, television presenter and politician. Winston was the presenter of many BBC television series, including Superhuman, The Secret Life of Twins, Child of Our Time, Human Instinct, and the BAFTA award-winner The Human Body. As a traditional Jew with an orthodox background, he also presented The Story of God, exploring the development of religious beliefs and the status of faith in a scientific age. He presented the BBC documentary "Walking with Cavemen", a major BBC series that presented some controversial views about early man but was endorsed by leading anthropologists and scientists. One theory was that Homo sapiens have a uniquely developed imagination that helped them to survive. Winston's documentary Threads of Life won the international science film prize in Paris in 2005. His BBC series Child Against All Odds explored ethical questions raised by IVF treatment. In 2008, he presented Super Doctors, about decisions made every day in frontier medicine.

In 2007, Winston appeared in the TV series Play It Again, in which he attempted to learn to play the saxophone, despite not having played a musical instrument since the age of 11, when he learned the recorder.

Among many BBC Radio 4 programmes, he has appeared on The Archers radio soap as a fertility consultant. He appeared on The Wright Stuff as a panelist in February 2011. Winston is featured in the Symphony of Science episode Ode to the Brain. He also took part in 2011 TV series Jamie's Dream School.

Winston was made a life peer in 1995 as Baron Winston, of Hammersmith in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. He sits on the Labour Party benches in the House of Lords and takes the Labour whip. He speaks frequently in the House of Lords on education, science, medicine and the arts. He was Chairman of the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology and a board member and Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology.

You can download the paper crafts here: Cheltenham Science Festival Free Paper Toys Download