Charmander Papercraft

Charmander Papercraft


Another day, another Pokemon papercraft. This time it's a Charmander (ヒトカゲ Hitokage) papercraft / paper model. It's a fire-type Pokemon that resembles a biped-salamander? with a very prominent feature, it's got a flame burning on the tip of it's tail. It's main ability on the game is called Blaze (もうか Raging Flames), which powers up fire-type moves. It also does physical attacks with the use of its sharp claws (Slash).

The Charmander papercraft pattern is in PDF format, has two pages, and comes in a measly 208 kb, although the scan is a bit on the rough side, you can adjust your print settings to enlarge it a bit so you can easily see the cut and fold lines. Produced by Chokipeta.

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