Canon Papercraft - Swallowtail Butterfly Free Download


Canon Papercraft - Swallowtail Butterfly Free DownloadThis science paper model is designed by canon papercraft. Among the larger butterflies, the swallowtail butterfly commonly encountered around Japanese homes has a forewing length of four to six centimeters. Its larva, known as a green caterpillar, eats the leaves of rutaceous plants like the trifoliate orange. The caterpillar sheds its skin four times, beginning with the first instar, and the larva becomes a chrysalis after the fifth instar. Ordinarily, it remains a chrysalis for approximately two weeks, but when hibernating over the winter, the larva can remain in the chrysalis stage for several months. The mature butterfly with its large, whitish yellow-spotted black wings can be seen roughly from March through October, searching for nectar from flowers and water. You can download this canon papercraft from here: Canon Papercraft - Swallowtail Butterfly Free Download

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