Canon Papercraft - Planisphere Free Download


Canon Papercraft - Planisphere Free DownloadThis science paper model is designed by canon papercraft. A planisphere is an instrument used to represent the heavens at any time and date, by aligning its date and time scales. For example, by aligning March 1 on the rotating date scale to 7:20 pm on the inside time scale, you can reproduce the starry sky of 7:20 pm on March 1. To view the southern sky, hold the planisphere with the "South" label on the bottom, and to view the northern sky, hold the planisphere with the "North" label on the bottom. Compare the stars shown on the planisphere with the actual night sky. The edge of the planisphere's opening corresponds to the horizon, while its center corresponds roughly to the sky directly above your head (the zenith). Note that the constellations of the southern sky are shown stretched to the left and right. You can use this planisphere to try to memorize the names of the constellations, by comparing it with the starry sky on a clear night. You can download this canon papercraft from here: Canon Papercraft - Planisphere Free Download

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