Canon Papercraft: Ornamental Plant - Ivy Free Template Download

Canon Papercraft: Ornamental Plant - Ivy Free Template Download


Canon Papercraft: Ornamental Plant - Ivy Free Template DownloadThis paper craft is a Ivy, a genus of 12–15 species of evergreen climbing or ground-creeping woody plants in the family Araliaceae, the papercraft designed by Chokipeta via Canon Papercraft. On level ground they remain creeping, not exceeding 5-20 cm height, but on suitable surfaces for climbing, including trees, natural rock outcrops or man-made structures such as quarry rock faces or built masonry and wooden structures, they can climb to at least 30 m above the ground.

Ivies have two leaf types, with palmately lobed juvenile leaves on creeping and climbing stems and unlobed cordate adult leaves on fertile flowering stems exposed to full sun, usually high in the crowns of trees or the tops of rock faces, from 2 m or more above ground. The juvenile and adult shoots also differ, the former being slender, flexible and scrambling or climbing with small aerial roots to affix the shoot to the substrate, the latter thicker, self-supporting and without roots. The flowers are greenish-yellow with five small petals; they are produced in umbels in autumn to early winter and are very rich in nectar. The fruit is a greenish-black, dark purple or yellow berry 5-10 mm diameter with one to five seeds, ripening in late winter to mid-spring. The seeds are dispersed by birds which eat the berries.

The species differ in detail of the leaf shape and size and in the structure of the leaf trichomes, and also in the size and, to a lesser extent, the colour of the flowers and fruit. The chromosome number also differs between species. The basic diploid number is 48, while some are tetraploid with 96, and others hexaploid with 144 and octaploid with 192 chromosomes. For more information of the Ivy please click here.

Just having ornamental plants like this paper craft plant (ivy) around can create a healing, calming atmosphere. Use it as a decoration to brighten up your home! Ivy belongs to the Araliaceae family, Hedera L. genus, and is native to Europe, North Africa, and Asia. The leaves' color, shape and pattern vary depending on the type, but most ivy features small, star-shaped leaves and long growing vines. Ivy can be used as an interior decoration, but is also often arranged in bouquets or wreaths, or used to decorate gardens or the outside of a building. There are several different pots to choose from, so please select whichever one suits your taste and download it for use with the plant.

You can download the flower canon papercraft here: Canon Papercraft: Ornamental Plant - Ivy Free Template Download

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