Canon Papercraft - Convertible (Cabriolet) Free Paper Model Download


Canon Papercraft - Convertible (Cabriolet) Free Paper Model DownloadThis Car paper model is designed by canon papercraft, it can be used as elements of your own town. A convertible is a type of automobile of various automobile body styles that can convert' from an enclosed to an open-air vehicle.

Roof designs vary widely, with several common characteristics. Earlier convertibles features roofs that were demountable and/or detachable. Often the roof is hinged and folds away, either into a recess behind the rear seats or into the boot or trunk of the vehicle. The roof may operate either manually or automatically via hydraulic or electrical actuators, and the roof itself may be constructed of soft or rigid material. Soft-tops are made of vinyl, canvas or other textile material, while hard-tops are made of steel, aluminum, plastic or other rigid materials.

Contemporary convertibles are known and marketed under several different terms due to the convergence of body styles over the years. A soft-top convertible may also be referred to as a cabriolet or cabrio, although two-seater soft tops often retain the name roadster, referring to their body style.

You can download this canon papercraft from here: Canon Papercraft - Convertible (Cabriolet) Free Paper Model Download

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