Canon Papercraft - Bingo Game Free Paper Craft Download

Canon Papercraft - Bingo Game Free Paper Craft Download


Canon Papercraft - Bingo Game Free Paper Craft DownloadThis papercraft is a bingo card, created by Canon Papercraft. Bingo is a game of chance played with randomly drawn numbers which players match against numbers that have been pre-printed on 5x5 matrices. The matrices may be printed on paper, card stock or electronically represented and are referred to as cards. Many versions conclude the game when the first person achieves a specified pattern from the drawn numbers. The winner is usually required to call out the word "Bingo!", which alerts the other players and caller of a possible win. All wins are checked for accuracy before the win is officially confirmed at which time the prize is secured and a new game is begun. In this version of bingo, players compete against one another for the prize or jackpot

With this paper craft, you can make a bingo game for great fun at parties with your friends and family. Players write a number between 1 and 30 on each of the 25 spaces on their card. One player then draws numbers out of the box, reads it aloud, and players with that number on their bingo card erase it from their card. When a player erases all the numbers in one line on their card (vertical, horizontal or diagonal), they have bingo! The bingo cards are plain, so you can play with contents other than numbers. The fun is up to you!

You can download this paper toy here: Canon Papercraft - Bingo Game Free Paper Craft Download

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