Canon Papercraft - Ammonite Fossil Free Download

Canon Papercraft - Ammonite Fossil Free Download


Canon Papercraft - Ammonite Fossil Free DownloadThis science paper model is designed by canon papercraft. Ammonites were creatures with flat shells that had a regular, helically-spiraled shape, that existed on Earth in prehistoric times, having evolved from nautiluses. Discoveries have shown that they ranged in size from a few centimeters to as big as about 1.7 meters in diameter. Ammonites are not related to shellfish; they were soft-bodied mollusks just like squid and octopuses. As they are now extinct, we can only learn about them from fossils. They were generated on the Earth from the end of the Paleozoic era's Silurian period (around 420 million years ago) to the middle of the Devonian period (around 380 million years ago). They inhabited the oceans around the world until the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era (around 65million years ago), meaning the species existed for a total of around 350 million years. The inside of an ammonite's spiral-shaped shell is divided into chambers, and the creature's soft body occupied the largest chamber at the end of the spiral. It is believed that the rest of the chambers contained bodily fluids and gas, and by adjusting the amounts of these the creature could float and sink through the water. The ammonite's biggest predator was the mosasaurus, a large, crocodile-like dinosaur, and some ammonite fossils have been uncovered with mosasaurus teeth marks on them. Take this paper craft model off its stand, and you can see the internal structure of the ammonite shell. You can learn more about the ammonite from the panel, which contains a timeline of when ammonites were alive, a diagram comparing their sizes, and an artist's impression of what they may have looked like. Ammonite Fossil Paper Craft: Youichi Wada; Panel Background Illustration: Kazushi Kamimoto. You can download this canon papercraft from here: Canon Papercraft - Ammonite Fossil Free Download

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