Canon Papercraft - 3D Maze Free Paper Toy Download


Canon Papercraft - 3D Maze Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is designed by canon papercraft. See if you can guide a ball through this three dimensional maze from start to finish, rolling it past all kinds of obstacles and traps along the way. Try changing the way you tilt the maze to roll the ball, gently shaking it, or other tricky techniques to get past the windmills, slopes, and other obstacles. You can have even more fun by trying out other types of balls and seeing how they roll differently. Try using a bead or small pebble to provide the weight for the ball included, or instead of the paper ball, use a round object about 12.5 mm(1/2”) in size, like a bead or marble. Enjoy the hands-on aspect of rolling the ball through this 3D maze, as well as the mental challenge of discovering the correct path through to the finish. You can download this canon papercraft from here: Canon Papercraft - 3D Maze Free Paper Toy Download

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