Brian Redban Free Paper Toy Download

Brian Redban Free Paper Toy Download


Brian Redban Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper people is the Brian Redban, designed by sally. Brian Redban is from Columbus Ohio, was a butthole for about 10 years in Highschool and College. He got the name "butthole" from a "REDBAND" movie trailer of "Meet Wally Sparks" - He picked it because the redband trailers were rare, and instead of a green label on the film we got from the studios the label was red. He also didnt use the "D" because He didnt want to be confused with a band. Been going by the name "butthole" on the internet since 1997.

2004, started doing a online reality show of Joe Rogan called "The ButtholeShow" which was mostly from the Comedy Store, or on the road. He also filmed and edit everything him self. -2007 - Filmed and edited the Carlos Mencia VS Joe Rogan video which gained alot of attention in the comedy world, people, and buttholes.

2009, created the Joe Rogan Podcast with Comedian Joe Rogan which originally started off as a video show, and turned into an audio podcast also. This idea was something heI had been bouncing off Joe Rogan for a long time.. He originally started it as a video show on Justin.Tv which was broadcasted live from green rooms and comedy clubs, but it was sporadic and often the internet at comedy clubs wasnt that good, or available.

2010 Rebooted the Deathsquad podcast and created a home studio which he completely funded as a side project. DeathSquad become mildy popular thanks to the success of the Joe Rogan podcast and now hosts several podcasts under the DeathSquad podcast network. Relying only on donations currently, Deathsquad continues to grow and evolve. 2011 Sirius radio (the virus station) picks up the Joe Rogan podcast and plays it several times a week.

Deathsquad is the podcast network masterminded by Brian Redban. Redban grew up in Columbus, Ohio. As a youth, he messed around with computers and played video games. He was even featured in Nintendo Power Magazine. Redban tried a little stand up comedy in Ohio, but focused more on Sega Dreamcast and AOL chat rooms. Later on, he worked at a Gateway Computer Store and made internet videos. Joe Rogan saw one of these videos and offered Redban the chance to be his personal videographer.

Redban moved to Los Angeles and soon started the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. In addition to being the tech guru for the show, Redban often chimes in and offers his perspective on whatever Joe and the guest are talking about. Redban will sometimes even tell his own stories, such as things that happen when you date porn stars and/or get robbed at gunpoint by black wizards, Literally that happened.

A lesser man may have stopped at one podcast, but Redban has put together a whole network under the Deathsquad label. Sam Tripoli's Naughty Show, Teeb and the Heeb, What's Good? with Freddy Lockhart, Your Mom's House, The Brody & Little Esther's Podcast, and Last Pod Casting with John Heffron and Jon Reep are not only great podcasts, but an insight into the Los Angeles comedy scene. Each podcast brings a different perspective and serves a different purpose. And each will get their own post on this site. I just wanted to spotlight Redban for making his mark on the podcast world. If you want to know what its like to be friends with comedians in Los Angeles, check out any of the Deathsquad podcasts.

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