Brexbachtal Railway free papercraft download

Brexbachtal Railway free papercraft download


Brexbachtal Railway free papercraftWith the "Langenschwalbach" in the Westerwald
Craft fun at the holidays: Neuwied City History

The year was 1884, when for the first time a train of Neuwied, or just say out of Engers, jumped in the Westerwald. So next year will celebrate this pioneering trip-their "125th". For its time this was indeed a landmark event was, but with the opening of the scenic route through the Brexbachtal finally the lower Rhine valley from the Westerwald tapped by the railway track. Passengers and station could, with its extensive facilities and systems are becoming a hub of regional rail transport. For Jürgen Moritz, designer of the wildly popular series "City history to be cut" on the homepage of the town of Neuwied was, it therefore makes sense to tinker with other models, so to speak, as a Christmas novelty, of that historic event to remember.

The city of Neuwied presented to the grand roundhouse on its website, now the second historic building Engerser station: the interlocking "Passengers-North," which bowed to the seventies of last century, just after the station exit all travelers Cologne. The building is designed so that a clever hobbyists can make with little effort, the long-vanished buildings of the station from recurring.

But the second "Christmas novelty" has of course a reference to "Brex". For decades shaped cars of the type "Langenschwalbach" passenger services on the route in the Westerwald. The first models of four-axle cars drove at the end of the nineteenth century between Wiesbaden and Langenschwalbach - hence the name. Because they were also driving comfort in the Westerwald popular than the two-axis "blunderbusses," otherwise the image of the passenger trains coined.

Nearly three decades have been built the old Prussia, and each production run was a little different. Jürgen Moritz has the wagon type selected from the twenties of last century as a model from which to date there is no HO in size large series model. For experienced hobbyists should not be a problem, the car body on chassis set up an existing large scale in order to arrive at a vehicle, which then would be to some extent a "unique".

Rounding out the "new package", the "city's history to be cut," as models of the way, resulting in years of construction work, by slag cars, as they were to apply until the end of Lokunterhaltung in the former railroad depot Engers.