Book Recommendation - Papercraft Zoo

Book Recommendation - Papercraft Zoo


You've probably seen most of the cute papercraft models featured here like this Corgi, or this giraffe, and even this other dog, they were all created by Kei Goto from the revered KeiCraft Papercaft Studio in Japan. We seldomly see this finely crafted and simplistic style of papercrafts here in the US, and rarely do they sell these on the popular online bookstores - unless you go look for it on some specialty store and wouldn't mind paying extra on oversees shipping. So when I found out that Kei's bestselling book, "Papercraft Zoo", has been made available again here in the US through, I've decided to personally recommend this and insist that beginners and collector's alike should not miss this one and buy a copy of it while it's available locally. The papercrafts on this book are easy to assemble and the price is very much affordable. Follow the link on the bottom of this post to go directly to it's Amazon page.

Papercraft Zoo [via Amazon]