Boo Mario Free Papercraft Template Download

Boo Mario Free Papercraft Template Download


Boo Mario Free Papercraft Template DownloadThis papercraft is the Boo Mario, a form of Mario that appears in the game Super Mario Galaxy, the paper model was created by Gipi. As its name implies, the Boo Mario form is Mario disguised as a Boo, although his hat and face remain respective of his normal form.

In order to become Boo Mario, Mario must grab a Boo Mushroom. With this transformation, Mario can turn himself invisible and pass through certain walls and gates by shaking the Wii Remote, and levitate by pressing the A button button. Mario can attract Boos as well, and use them for various purposes. He can also understand the language of the Boos, called Booish, meaning bill boards written in that language can be understood by him as well. The transformation is lost if Mario takes damage, passes through light or touches water. Mario first uses this transformation in the Ghostly Galaxy to rescue Luigi. Because Luigi is afraid of ghosts, he cowers when Mario approaches him in Boo form; therefore, Mario must return to his normal form beforehand. This power-up does appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2, but in only one galaxy: the Boo Moon Galaxy in the mission "Haunting the Howling Tower".

You can download this mario papercraft template here: Boo Mario Free Papercraft Template Download