Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen Airliner Free Airplane Paper Model Download

Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen Airliner Free Airplane Paper Model Download


Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen Airliner Free Airplane Paper Model DownloadThis airplane paper model is a Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen airliner, a regional airliner based on the Bombardier CRJ200, created by ZRP Papercraft. The scale of the papercraft is in 1:130. On 19 February 2007, Bombardier launched the development of the CRJ1000, previously designated CRJ900X, as a stretched CRJ900, with up to 100 seats. Bombardier claims that it offers better performance and a higher profit per seat than the competing Embraer E-190.

Brit Air and Air Nostrum were the launch customers for the CRJ1000. MyAir had ordered 15 CRJ900Xs that were converted to the CRJ1000, but the airline went bankrupt on 24 July 2009. Atlasjet also indicated interest in the new type. On 14 June 2009 Bombardier announced a new firm order for 15 CRJ1000 NextGen aircraft placed by Air Nostrum, for a total of 35 CRJ1000 NextGen aircraft.

The CRJ1000 completed its first production flight on 28 July 2009 in Montreal; the entry into service was planned then for the first quarter of 2010. A month after the first flight, however, a fault in the rudder controls forced the flight-test program to be grounded. The program was not resumed until February 2010, and deliveries were projected to begin by January 2011.

Bombardier Aerospace announced on 10 November 2010 that its 100-seat CRJ1000 was awarded Aircraft Type Certificates from Transport Canada and European Aviation Safety Agency, clearing the way for deliveries to begin. On 14 December 2010, Bombardier began CRJ1000 deliveries to Brit Air and Air Nostrum. On 23 December 2010 it was announced that the Federal Aviation Administration had also awarded a type certificate, allowing the CRJ1000 to operate in US airspace. The FAA Type Certificate designation of the CRJ1000 is the CL-600-2E25. In February 2012, Garuda Indonesia airline ordered six CRJ1000s and took options for another 18, and Danish lessor Nordic Aviation Capital ordered 12 for Garuda to operate with delivery beginning in 2012. As of December 2012 a total of 28 aircraft had been delivered to airlines while there are 39 unfilled orders.

You can download the papercraft model here: Bombardier CRJ1000 NextGen Airliner Free Airplane Paper Model Download