Blood Plus - Saya Otonashi Free Doll Papercraft Template Download

Blood Plus - Saya Otonashi Free Doll Papercraft Template Download


Blood Plus - Saya Otonashi Free Doll Papercraft Template DownloadThis paper doll is the Saya Otonashi, based on the anime series Blood Plus, the papercraft is designed by Skullkid. Saya Otonashi is the main protagonist of Blood+. She is a pure-blooded chiropteran queen and Diva's older twin sister and Hagi's love interest and/or lover.

Black-haired, small, and lithe, Saya is about 5'2" (157 cm) and 89 lbs (40.4 kg), having the appearance of a teenage girl of average height. She looks very similar to Diva, though Saya is slightly tanner and has a different hairstyle and eye color.

Though Saya has long hair while staying at the Zoo, she has a very short, boyish haircut by the time of the Russian Revolution, which she retains as a school-girl in Japan. Through the series her hair slowly grows out to her chin. In the last episode, Kai trims her hair to resemble her Season 1 appearance. Saya's eyes are a dull shade of red that appear brown and which glow intensely when her chiropteran instincts are triggered or when she feeds on blood.

As a chiropteran, Saya naturally has enhanced strength, speed, and agility, as well as heightened senses, but because she chooses not to feed freely on humans and refrains from drinking Hagi's blood as often as she can, her abilities are barely above those of a human's. Any injuries she sustains heal almost instantly. She is also long-lived (and possibly immortal), being almost 200 years old yet maintaining the appearance of a teenage girl; however, after she turns Hagi into her chevalier, she spends only a few years awake from periodically entering a 30-year hibernation cycle, before which she experiences a slow in her regenerative abilities and bouts of fainting spells.As a queen, Saya's blood is capable of crystallizing and killing any chiropteran of Diva's bloodline, including Diva herself, when it enters their bloodstream. When it enters the bloodstream of a human who has lost most of their blood, however, it has the effect of turning them into Saya's chevalier, as demonstrated with Hagi and Riku.

Due to her upbringing at the Zoo, Saya is both a skilled swordfighter and an accomplished cello player; however, she rarely plays the cello in modern times because of her focus on hunting chiropterans. At the start of the series, Saya has largely forgotten both of these abilities and must relearn how to fight with a sword.

Saya possibly possesses a telepathic connection to Diva and vice-versa. She is able to hear Diva's song when normal humans cannot, could verbally communicate with Diva when the latter did not know how to speak, and can sense Diva's presence and possibly that of other chiropterans.

In the first half of the series, Saya sometimes slips into a "berserker" trance in which she becomes much more aggressive and violent, which is mainly how she defeats enemies before she regains her memories. She tends to enter this mode from feeding from Hagi. Due to similarities it has to her frenzy during the Vietnam War, it is possible that this "berserker" trance is a consequence of her being prematurely awakened during the Vietnam War and the subsequent year-long delay in receiving Hagi's blood.

At the Zoo, Saya is spoiled by the original Joel, and therefore becomes very immature, self-centered, and rude. She herself realizes this as a result of her friendships with Diva and Hagi, which help reveal and nurture her compassion for others. Overall, however, Saya is a bright, cheerful, and innocent person. After she unwittingly releases the vengeful, bloodthirsty Diva upon her foster family and friends and accidentally turns Hagi into her chevalier, coupled with learning the truth about her life and her own inhuman nature, Saya loses her happy demeanor and becomes much more serious and plagued with doubts and guilt. She dedicates her life solely to correcting the mistake she made in releasing Diva by killing her, then forever ending the chiropteran threat by killing herself; however, in the last episode, Saya tries to save Diva after having dealt her a fatal wound and is persuaded from not killing herself, leading to her confession that she does want to live.

As a result of losing her memories and spending a year in Okinawa as an ordinary girl, with family and friends, Saya develops a sweet and caring albeit somewhat reserved personality. Kai later refers to her as being "a crybaby and a glutton". At this time, she is troubled by her amnesia, but only becomes increasingly insecure and worried as she learns more about her true identity and experiences more loss because of the chiropterans.

A year after Riku's death, Saya exhibits a much darker and embittered disposition, having fully regained her memories but in the process lost hope, as Moses and Lulu both note. She is unwilling to associate or work with others, particularly Kai and the rest of the Red Shield, not wanting to have to experience losing more loved ones. During the last half of the series, she slowly comes to accept their help.

Blood Plus is an anime series produced by Production I.G and Aniplex and directed by Junichi Fujisaku. The series premiered in Japan on Sony's anime satellite channel, Animax, as well as on terrestrial networks such as MBS, TBS, and RKB on October 8, 2005. The final episode aired on September 23, 2006. Blood+ is licensed for international distribution in several regions through Sony Pictures' international arm, Sony Pictures Television International(SPTI).

Blood Plus was inspired by the 2000 anime film Blood: The Last Vampire; however, there are only a few allusions and basic elements from the film. Fujisaku has been involved with both works, including acting as the director for Blood+ and writing the novelization of Blood: The Last Vampire.

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