Bleach OC - Chibi Marise Asahina Free Paper Toy Download

Bleach OC - Chibi Marise Asahina Free Paper Toy Download


Bleach OC - Chibi Marise Asahina Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is a chibi Marise Asahina (often addressed as Mari-chan, Mari-muffin, or Goldilocks), a Human girl who possesses the technique Fullbring, from the BLEACH OC series, the papercraft was created by Larry-San.

Marise Asahina currently attends Karakura High School. Marise is a person who is not easy to understand nor easy to get along with. She judges people heavily on their looks, oftentimes accusing those who look "different" or "strange" to her as being a Yankī. She's very much full of herself and sees herself as all-knowing, such as when she tries to give her brother younger by two years, Ryunosuke, advice about love, even though she knows very little about it herself. This oftentimes leads her to become very nosy, especially when it comes to her brother's personal life, constantly butting it when she is not wanted.

She is very energetic and spontaneous; Mari will break out into song or say random things at times. She is most well known for being incredibly dramatic, often taking what people say completely out of context, over-exaggerating, or freaking out over the tiniest of things. She's very insecure, worrying about what others think of her, and when she actually believes someone is complimenting her, she won't believe the person unless he/she does something drastic to try and convince her otherwise.

Mari is not entirely stupid, but she isn't very bright. She doesn't catch onto things very quickly, lacking a lot of common sense, as well as not doing very well in school. This is seen in her naivety in some areas, such as love and dating. She gets all her information on those subjects from teen magazines, leading her to trouble. One of the most unique parts about Marise is her ability to reject reality by creating her own fantasy. Whenever something comes up in her life that she is not able to deal with or unwilling to take, she will go in-denial and believe in what she wants to see, not what is actually true.

Despite appearing heartless at first glance, there is more to Marise underneath that many don't see. She is kind at heart and secretly cares for others, and will occasionally go out of her way to help them without expecting anything in return. Mari is not at all good at hiding her emotions; anyone is usually easily able to tell how she is feeling just by her facial expressions. She feels emotions vividly- when happy her eyes will light up with joy, when sad she will cry a river, when angry she will kick and scream, and when frightened she will run away, etc. She is never able to mask her emotions, even if she wanted to, and she understands this is a weakness of hers. She becomes incredibly frustrated by the fact that people are able to see right through her.

Her favorite food is ice cream and she is a gifted dancer, having done so since she was very young. Mari is a Lupin III fanatic, having an almost obsessive infatuation with both the show and titled character, going so far as to comment that she would instantly fall in love with a man like Arsène Lupin III. Strangely enough, she has a glasses fetish, and will fall head over heels for anyone, boy or girl, who wears glasses. Marise is obsessed with anything American, including all of its pop culture and even goes so far as to say that Oprah is her inspiration and idol.

You can download this papercraft toy here: Bleach OC - Chibi Marise Asahina Free Paper Toy Download [Instruction]