Bleach - Nejibana's Shikai Free Papercraft Download


Bleach - Nejibana's Shikai Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Nejibana's Shikai, based on the game Bleach. The paper model is designed by rexxkentrix. Nejibana: Kaien Shiba's Zanpakutō is sealed in an average katana with a rectangular cross guard with smooth rounded edges and a dark blue hilt.

Its Shikai command is Surge, Water(s) and Sky/Heaven. Kaien holds Nejibana upside down and begins to twirl it in his hands as it glows, transforming it into a cross between a trident and a ji (a Chinese halberd) with a crystalline appearance. Like the ji, it bears a horsehair tassel, although it is blue instead of the traditional red; similarly the two side blades are straight with concave edges as opposed to the usual crescent blade. The end of Nejibana turns into a corkscrew/drill shape. Water flows freely from both the trident and the end.

You can download the Bleach papercraft here: Bleach - Nejibana's Shikai Free Papercraft Download

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