Bleach - Kazeshini (spirit) free papercraft download

Bleach - Kazeshini (spirit) free papercraft download


Bleach - Kazeshini (spirit) free papercraft downloadThis papercraft is designed by rexxkentrix. Kazeshini is the manifested spirit of Shūhei Hisagi's Zanpakutō that is seen during the Zanpakutō Rebellion and the subsequent Tōjū Campaign. The spirit of Kazeshini takes the form of a thin yet well-toned dark man with long black hair, resembling a shadow, with dark grey strips of cloth wrapping around his lower body, arms, neck, and shoulders with matching boots similar to Nnoitra's. The red outline around his body is also often seen to flicker. You can download this papercraft from here: Bleach - Kazeshini (spirit) free papercraft download

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