Blaster RE1 S Free Robot Paper Model Download

Blaster RE1 S Free Robot Paper Model Download


Blaster RE1 S Free Robot Paper Model DownloadThis robot paper model is the Blaster RE1 (S), the papercraft is created by 2akaituki. Blaster RE1 (machine Shusui)
Dedicated machine Shusui of "Blaster" Wild Bird armed infantry's flagship machine.
The removal of the boost pack on the back, has been changed to pack container.
To cope with this increased weight, leg greatly enhanced. Demand has risen by even the traveling speed.
In addition, high-power also has become the arm to be able to fire with one hand and the M-2.

Has been renovated to the principal point barrage to subdue the enemy in any case,
Right hand side can be expanded to handle the barrage M-1/PDW dense, the removal of the armor of right shoulder in order to get a wide angle of fire,
Are equipped with armor plate to the left shoulder instead of large.

Often tasked to defend something assault than control, but his unique customization model:
1.8m: length
310kg: weight
3km / h: usual walking
12km / h: traveling
27km / h: move Promotion
General-purpose launcher arm: fixed armed
(Ammunition used: anti-tank rocket, light various bullet grenade, helicopter missiles)
M-2 machine gun rail: main armed
M-1/PDW assault rifle: Recommended armed mobile
Dagger utility

You can download the robo paper craft model here: Blaster RE1 S Free Robot Paper Model Download