Black★Rock Shooter - Chariot Free Figure Papercraft Download

Black★Rock Shooter - Chariot Free Figure Papercraft Download


Black★Rock Shooter - Chariot Free Figure Papercraft DownloadThis figure papercraft is Chariot, one of the new characters appearing in the 2012 anime, the paper model is created by goncalo-neto. The finished model stands about 23 cm tall.

Chariot is the "other self" of Kagari Izuriha. She is said to have a cold gaze, as it feels as if she is piercing into your heart. Chariot is shown to be rather brutal to Black★Rock Shooter when she enters her area in the Otherworld, and when she tries to save Dead Master from Chariot. Chariot also shows some sadistic joy in brutally beating Black★Rock Shooter, which may reflect on how Kagari hates Mato for trying to be friends with Yomi in the real world. She is stubborn and panics when things don't go her way in a battle. She is very skeptical and appears not to trust anyone, even someone willing to help her. Yet she is determined and has the same love for her human self that everyone has.

Chariot is a pale skinned female wearing a dress with black and white tones. She wears a large spiked crown on her head, as well as claw-like gloves. Most notable is her choice of footwear: she wears black, metallic thighhighs with black and yellow wheels that can be used as cutting weapons. Her legs are often bent and she slouches slightly in her posture, making her appear shorter than her actual height which is 160-162.6cm. She weighs 105 lbs.

Like all of the "other selves" in the anime, her yellow eyes have a circular pattern in them. Her weapons of choice are a Sword and Shield. Chariot has been shown capable of using the wheels attached to her legs as a weapon against Black★Rock Shooter, as well as a giant spider monster to ride on. Her vehicle is named Mary, just like Kagari's doll. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft template here: Black★Rock Shooter - Chariot Free Figure Papercraft Download