Bioshock Infinite - Undertow Vigor Free Papercraft Download

Bioshock Infinite - Undertow Vigor Free Papercraft Download


Bioshock Infinite - Undertow Vigor Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is a Undertow Vigor, based on the first-person shooter video game BioShock Inifinite, the paper model created by Jouzumania. Undertow is a Vigor in BioShock Infinite. Created in the city of Columbia, Undertow gives the user the ability to attract and repel adversaries. When cast, Undertow pushes back all enemies in front of Booker DeWitt, knocking them away and throwing them to the ground if they land back down. For double the Salts cost, charging Undertow pulls a target to Booker and momentarily suspends them in the air, temporarily increasing their vulnerability to damage. Undertow is ineffective against the Siren, and cannot push or pull automatons save for Motorized Patriots.

Vigors are the primary abilities that Booker DeWitt acquires in BioShock Infinite. Similar to Plasmids, they grant the user access to extraordinary abilities, and are powered by a single resource: Salts. As with Plasmids, Vigors do cause notable side effects, visible on the user's arm. Every Vigor has an alternate use activated by charging the Vigor, ranging from enhanced attacks to stationary traps. There are a total of eight Vigors, each of which can be upgraded twice over the course of the game at the Veni! Vidi! Vigor! vending machines scattered throughout Columbia.

You can download this papercraft template here: Bioshock Infinite - Undertow Vigor Free Papercraft Download


  1. it says you need Pepakura Viewer to do it. i have a man and their is no mac version of Pepakura Viewer. what should i use?