Bioshock Infinite - Shock Jockey Vigor Free Papercraft Download


Bioshock Infinite - Shock Jockey Vigor Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is a Shock Jockey, an electric power Vigor that offers the ability to stun enemies, based on the first-person shooter video game BioShock Inifinite, the paper model created by Jouzumania. There are also other two papercraft Vigors on the site: Murder of Crows Vigor and Undertow Vigor Papercraft.

Shock Jockey is the fifth Vigor the player obtains, and is the main objective of the Hall of Heroes level, where Booker and Elizabeth set out to retrieve a sample from Cornelius Slate in order to power the gondola to The First Lady in Soldier's Field. With this vigor you can also shock puddles to cause enemies to be stuck taking continual damage.

Shock Jockey grants Booker DeWitt the power to manipulate electricity in the form of charged crystals: casting the Vigor will shock a single target, temporarily stunning them and doubling their damage intake. Charging the Vigor will instead throw a cluster of crystals across the target area for double the Salts cost, shocking anyone who comes in their vicinity. Enemies in contact with water take critical damage from the electricity. Shock Jockey can also be used to activate certain machines and unlock previously inaccessible areas. Enemies killed while electrified will turn to ash, leaving behind a lootable lockbox. Shock Jockey is less potent on Motorized Patriots and Handymen, and completely ineffective against the Siren.

You can download this papercraft template here: Bioshock Infinite - Shock Jockey Vigor Free Papercraft Download