Bernese Mountain Dog Free Paper Toy Download

Bernese Mountain Dog Free Paper Toy Download


Bernese Mountain Dog Free Paper Toy DownloadThis  is a Bernese Mountain Dog (called in German the Berner Sennenhund), a large breed of dog, one of the four breeds of Sennenhund-type dogs from the Swiss Alps, the paper toy was created by asdesign.

The name Sennenhund is derived from the German "Senne" (alpine pasture) and "hund" (dog), as they accompanied the alpine herders and dairymen called Senn. Berner (or Bernese in English) refers to the area of the breed's origin, in the Canton of Bern in Switzerland. This mountain dog was originally kept as a general farm dog. Large Sennenhunds in the past were also used as draft animals, pulling carts. The breed was officially established in 1907. In 1937, the American Kennel Club recognised it as a member of the Working Group.

The head of the Bernese Mountain Dog is flat on the top with a moderate stop, and the ears are medium sized, triangular, set high, and rounded at the top. The teeth have a scissors bite. The legs of the Bernese are straight and strong, with round, arched toes. The dewclaws of the Bernese are often removed. Its bushy tail is carried low.

Height at the withers is 24–28 in (61–71 cm) for males, while it is 23–27 in (58–69 cm) for females. Weight is 85–110 lb (39–50 kg) for males, while it is 80–105 lb (36–48 kg) for females. The Bernese Mountain Dog is slightly longer than it is tall, and it is highly muscular. [Source: wiki]

You can download this papercraft toy here: Bernese Mountain Dog Free Paper Toy Download