Beatmania IIDX - Chibi Celica Mizushiro Free Papercraft Download

Beatmania IIDX - Chibi Celica Mizushiro Free Papercraft Download


Beatmania IIDX - Chibi Celica Mizushiro Free Papercraft DownloadThis paper craft is a  Celica Mizushiro, based on the video game Beatmania IIDX, the papercraft is created by tsunyandere. Originally from Fukuoka, Celica is now living alone in a certain place in Tokyo. Having graduated high school, she was accepted into the M college of arts, where she's studying stage production.

Celica and Erika are twins. Their father was a world-famous pianist who traveled around the globe giving concerts. Their mother kept their birth a secret from him. In the middle of a terrible snowstorm that took her life, she managed to leave the twins in the care of an orphanage in Hokkaido. Celica was adopted by a married couple in Fukuoka, and raised lovingly as their only child. She still doesn't know that she was adopted. When she was 16, she came to Tokyo and settled in Shinjuku. Since then, she and Erika have played IIDX and gone to clubs every day; they get along very well.

Celica first played DDR when she was fifteen. She was really drawn to the Naoki sound, so she played a lot, and eventually wandered over to IIDX. As might be expected from a big Naoki fan, she likes fast songs with a good rhythm, but she does occasionally attend ambient music parties.

Celica has been friends with Yuz for a long time; they first started corresponding via e-mail several years ago. She's gotten to know Shilow pretty well too. She likes to use weird phrases a lot, and loved to say "What's up?" in English all the time.

beatmania IIDX is a series of rhythm video games and the sequel to Beatmania. In IIDX games, players recreate the musical score of songs available to them through the use of a DJ simulating controller. The player must coordinate their hands in order to hit the correct keyboard buttons, spin the turntable, or a combination of both in correspondence to color-coded notes that approach the judgement bar displayed on screen. Notes are divided on screen by columns which separate them accordingly to match the seven buttons and the turntable on the DJ simulating controller. As a result of hitting notes, different sounds are then produced throughout a songs duration. Correctly hitting notes will produce an accurate musical score, while incorrectly hitting notes will produce inaccuracies and mistakes in the music.

Starting from beatmaniaIIDX 17 SIRIUS, two new note types are added. Charge Notes is a note that must be pressed and released on the right time, while Backspin Scratch is a scratch note which require the player to spin the discscratch on a direction, then spinning it on the opposite direction on the end. Both are valued two combos; one for the beginning note and one for the ending note.

You can download the paper craft toy here: Beatmania IIDX - Chibi Celica Mizushiro Free Papercraft Download