Batman Begins - Tumbler Free Papercraft DownloadThis Batmobile papercraft is the Tumbler, a vehicle used by Batman, based on the superhero film Batman Begins (also appears in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises), it came complete with an array of weapons and gadgets. The paper model was created by Terrordron, and shared by Kevin Chapman. There are other Tumbler paper models at the site: Batman – Tumbler free papercraft and The Tumbler Paper toys.

The Tumbler has a pair of machine guns mounted in the nose of the car between the front wheels. In "Attack" mode, the driver's seat moves to the center of the car, and the driver is repositioned to lie face-down with his head in the center section between the front wheels. This serves two main purposes: first, it provides more substantial protection with the driver shielded by multiple layers of armor plating. Second, the low-down, centralized driving position makes extreme precision maneuvers easier to perform, while lying prone reduces the risk of injury a driver faces when making these maneuvers. Other devices included:

  • Six rear flaps to assist brakes
  • Twin foward-firing machine guns
  • Rocket launcher
  • Landing hook to Sprung landing stabilization
  • Integrated fire-extinguishing system
  • Integrated safety connection to gasoline control
  • Vector-controlled jet engine on back of car for quick boosts/"rampless" jumps
  • Stealth mode, which turns off the car's lights and cuts the engine. The vehicle is powered by an electric motor, making it very hard to find in dark places (which makes the mode most useful at night), and as demonstrated by the car chase in Batman Begins, can easily throw off pursuers.
  • Explosive mines are deployed from the rear of the vehicle, which can take out any cars that make contact with them.
  • Front of car is heavily armored, so the car can ram as a practical offensive attack, and also protects the driver while in the prone driving position/"Attack" mode
  • Both front wheels can eject when the vehicle is damaged to form the Batpod

This Batmobile papercraft requires the following colors of card paper:

  • 42 Black or Gray
  • 2 Gold
  • 7 White

You can download this papercrft model here: Batman Begins - Tumbler Free Papercraft Download

For this paper model, we recommend that you use the material (Paper, Paint, Glue, etc.) to make. Here are Great Deals, and here are 100s of card making ideas. There is FREE sewing patterns that you may need.

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