Bancroft Roman Villa free papercraft download


Bancroft Roman Villa free papercraft downloadThis building paper model is a roman villa. It is designed by armadamodels.

The Roman landscape in Milton Keynes was a settled, intensely farmed rural area, with a mixture of native farmsteads and villas in the Roman style. The inhabitants of these "Roman" villas were probably natives copying Roman fashion and not new settlers. Cattle and sheep were the most common animals kept and wheat and oats the favoured crops.

Click on the adjacent image to see a simple two-frame animation of the site at Bancroft, with and without our Roman villa model superimposed.

There are actually two versions of our roman villa model available on this page. The first is a large, full colour version that needs to be printed on five sheets of A4 (including the base). The second model is smaller and requires only 2 sheets of A4 card.

You can download this building paper model from here: Bancroft Roman Villa free papercraft download