Bakuman - Moritaka Mashiro Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Bakuman - Moritaka Mashiro Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Bakuman - Moritaka Mashiro Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Moritaka Mashiro, the main protagonist of the manga / anime series Bakuman, the papercraft was created by duver14. Moritaka Mashiro is a dedicated mangaka who strives to have a hit series as well as an anime to fulfill his promise to Miho Azuki, his love interest and later on fiancé. He is the artist half of the duo, Ashirogi Muto and he is also the rival of Eiji Niizuma.

Mashiro is extremely talented at art, and has received numerous commendations for it even before he decided to become a manga-ka. He has extremely high standards when it comes to his drawings, and refuses to stop redoing them until he is completely satisfied. He is also extremely competitive, especially when it comes to his rival, Niizuma. Other than Niizuma, he also shares a friendly rivalry with Fukuda, Aoki, and Hiramaru.

Mashiro is in a solid partnership with his middle school classmate and best friend Takagi. Mashiro and Takagi have a deep mutual respect for each other, and both have decided to work with other due to their talent and intelligence. He is also close friends with Takagi's wife, Kaya, whom he has known since they were in middle school.

Mashiro has an extremely wholesome relationship with his fiancé, Azuki. The relationship between the two has been compared by both Takagi and Kaya to those of grade schoolers. Mashiro and Azuki have promised to each other to simply motivate each other through text until their dreams come true. Takagi has speculated that if they were to date, they would only be able to think about each other and forego their dreams. Mashiro is also shown throughout the series to be a hopeless romantic, and tends to get extremely giddy when texting Azuki.

Mashiro is one of the more sensitive characters within the series. He has great insight on other people's feelings and is able to accurately read moods, especially Takagi's. He even could tell beforehand that the manga which Niizuma hated and wanted to end was 'Crow'. He is also noted to be very obstinate, which is noted by many characters in the series. Kaya mentions that he is as bad as Azuki.

Moritaka Mashiro is of average build and height. He has raven blue hair and blue eyes, with a cowlick at the top of his head. He is usually seen wearing more than 2 layers of clothing, and wears a t-shirt with a jacket on top most of the time. He has been described as being very attractive and cute by several of the females in the series.

You can download the paper craft toy here: Bakuman - Moritaka Mashiro Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download