Bakuman - Chibi Eiji Niizuma Free Paper Toy Download

Bakuman - Chibi Eiji Niizuma Free Paper Toy Download


Bakuman - Chibi Eiji Niizuma Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is a chibi Eiji Niizuma, a high school genius mangaka who has been drawing manga ever since he was little, based on the manga / anime series , the papercraft was created by Larry-San.

From Aomori he moved to Tokyo for the serialization of his manga Yellow Hit with the condition that if he becomes the Jack's best mangaka he will be given the right to end one series in Jack that he hates. Niizuma also has a great love for manga, loving manga more than Ashirogi Muto and his opinions are valued by everyone at Jump. He also is able to give pretty spot-on analysis to other manga, as when he predicted the results in the Golden Future Cup. His rival is Ashirogi Muto, though he is also a fan of their manga.

Niizuma is slightly naive, but can also be serious and calculating when he wants to. Eiji tends to act conceited because he is hailed as a genius; however, after working on Crow for quite a long time, he grew more humble, even claiming to not be "good enough of a Mangaka to be judging other people's work" when asked by his editor to judge for Jump's monthly award. (He judges anyway, but is not very helpful, only expressing his interest in Ashirogi and Ryu Shizuka). Niizuma shows great respect for his fellow authors, calling them sensei regardless of age. He loves manga, considering his job fun and reading every comic in Jump. He despises sleeping, but does so when needed. However, with how long he can stay awake, he will be out for a long time. His earliest assistant, Nakai, said Niizuma usualy slept for 20 hours.

He tends to make noises and sound effects when drawing or writing his manga. At times, he is often seen making weird poses or doing things bizarrely, such as drinking four glasses of soda at the same time. Eiji is constantly chastised by his editor, and at first seems to be rather oblivious towards his rivals' feelings towards him, even expressing great excitement when he meets Ashirogi Muto and saying he is their fan. He is a great lover of manga and his opinion are valued by everyone at Jump, including his rivals. He refers to himself as an "Eternal Boy" and that's why he writes Shonen manga.

He has only ever had a crush on one girl, back in elementary school, which paired with his naivete most likely explains his lack of success in the Super Leaders' Love Fest. He also is very good at noticing the obvious, as he knew immediately that Miho was Moritaka's girlfriend instead of Akito's based on the heroine of Dectective Trap being modeled on her. Even Yujiro wonders if Eiji is psychic sometimes as Eiji always seems to know what's going on; he even knew of Nanamine's secondary plot to make manga, giving a vague explanation that Ashirogi later revealed in detail.

Though it is worried a public appearance of Niizuma would fail, he's actualy clever enough to know what not to say and do on public television when he was invited on Have a Laugh. However, he didn't think he needed to tidy up his appearance, keeping the feathers in his outfit. Also, he maintained his bizarre behavior of jumping around and posing.

Despite good qualities, Niizuma hasn't grown out of his poor table manners; eating large amounts of food loudly and talking with his mouth full. Seen at Takagi's wedding and the Two Awards party where he was being asked about Zombie Gun getting animated. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft toy here: Bakuman - Chibi Eiji Niizuma Free Paper Toy Download [Instruction]