Automata Gear Heart Free Papercraft Download


Automata Gear Heart Free Papercraft DownloadThis amazing papercraft is an Automata Gear Heart, designed by Haruki Nakamura. The gear heart is composed of 9 pieces of 10-cog, and 3 pieces of 15-cog; in total, 12 gears. 10-cog returns to the same position after 3 rotations.

In the same time, 15-cog makes 2 rotations. 10-cog makes a rotation with one rotation of handle. Therefore, 3 rotations make to regain the original figure.Automata Gear Heart Papercraft 2You can download the papercraft template here: Automata Gear Heart Free Papercraft Download [] [Box] [Gavitex] []


      • Yes, gear 6 and 10 are missing from that distribution, I noticed that too. I did find the complete set here:

        The only thing is that you get alot of annoying advertisements when clicking on the links, so do use an Adblocker in your browser!!!!