Articulated Tramcar - Tatra KT4 free card model download


Articulated Tramcar - Tatra KT4 free card modelThis vehicle paper model is from german, named "Strassebahn", the card model is designed by optacker from Germany. There are 3 city versions in the .rar file.

Tatra KT4 is the name of an articulated tramcar developed by the Czech firm ČKD Tatra. The first pre-production vehicles entered service in Potsdam in 1975, with the first production vehicles in 1977. A total of 1747 units were built, with initial deliveries to East Germany (DDR) and later The USSR and SFR Yugoslavia. KT4 variants were built for both standard gauge and meter gauge tramways. Production of the KT4 tramcar was halted in 1991 due to worldwide economic and political changes at the time.
The production was shortly resumed in 1997 to produce last 20 models for Belgrade, Serbia.
Since the start of the 1990s many of the earliest production tramcars have gone through extensive refurbishment and rebuilding, including the replacement of folding doors and the installation of low floor center sections.

You can download this paper model from here:Articulated Tramcar - Tatra KT4 free card model download